Teething Troubles

For the past couple of weeks our little Bear has really started having trouble with his teeth. Whilst we have been using Dentinox to help him, sometimes he refuses to have it (or he just tries to eat it instead). Anything that he can chew is in his mouth – especially if it is hard! We have been giving him a range of teething toys like Sophie le Giraffe, Scholastic for Baby Keys and his Bright Starts teether from his playmat. He has also taken a shine to this wonderful rainbow worm from Sainsbury’s, but would often stick it too far back in his mouth, causing him to sometimes gag and make him upset so we’ve taken that one away for a little bit.

The last few days, however, have been really difficult for him, I had put the teething keys in the fridge and the cool sensation on his gums seem to help for a short while. Furthermore, he has really been off his solid food too as a result of these pesky teeth. At the weekend I decided further intervention was needed so I took to Amazon and bought him some Nuby Garden Fresh Fruitsicle Moulds

nubyI’m so glad I did! The really seem to be helping him, which is great as I know that he is also getting some food too to supplement his milk. He devoured this apple and pear frozen puree ice lolly – in 10 minutes it was gone and we had a much happier little Bear after. I’m even thinking about making him some breastmilk ones too, as when the weather gets warm he isn’t keen on nursing or taking on extra fluids – a bit like how our appetites are affected by the heat – and hopefully that will help him to stay hydrated in these warm summer months (although as I write the rain is pouring – typical Wimbledon and British Summer weather eh!?).

Mama Bear x

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