And the cheapest toy award goes to…

Little Bear has been a bit difficult to entertain today.

After only napping for half an hour this morning, after being up for 3 hours (thanks for that – I only got one exam paper marked – hrrumph!), he has been a very tricky customer. This always happens when he has a short morning nap. Now, usually a trip to our lovely local playgroup at St. Peter’s sorts him out, the change of scenery, different toys and other babies to babble with distracts him and cheers him up; that is until he gets tired once more and then has a longer lunch time nap. Errr…. not today, not even playgroup would break him out of his rotten mood. Man short naps, coupled with teething, have a lot to answer for.

Unfortunately his mood didn’t improve after his lunch time nap either, antind despite a brief respite when his friend Bean came to play, none of his toys seem to make a difference. Today he was firmly in the I want Mummy’s attention and for her to play with me or I will scream and shout. Not only that, most of his toys just didn’t make the cut either (unless Bean was playing with them, resulting in me having to remind him that we ought to share our toys with our friends), that was until I got out the tin foil baking tray which he enjoyed playing with on Monday when we made our very own pat mats. Suddenly we have a happy little Bear – well for a while at least. At only £1, it is definitely the cheapest “toy” I have bought him.

We’ve mainly been using the tin foil tray as a drum this afternoon! But the other afternoon little Bear had fun using it as a tambourine, we’ve used it as a hat (albeit a rather large one) and as a tray for our pat mat. I’m wondering what other uses we’ll have for this cheapest “toy” over the next few days, weeks, months. It seems that this tray though is definitely not destined to be used for cooking though.

Mama Bear x

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