Review: Jess’ Nook Mystery Hostess Party


For the last two nights I have been attending an online Mystery Hostess Book Party hosted by Jess’ Nook (Jess’ Nook Facebook and Instagram) and it has been lots of fun.

It is such a novel idea – pardon the pun! From the comfort of our own homes we’ve been able to participate in a range of entertaining games and competitions to win some lovely Usborne books – as I type I am taking part in a literary quiz, and as an English teacher by trade you can understand that my literary pride is currently at stake! Being able to take part in the party using either my phone or laptop, from the comfort of m own sofa, is great as: I can relax at home with a glass of wine after a long day entertaining little Bear; I can wind down watching a film/ TV; I don’t have to worry about getting somewhere by a certain time; and if little Bear wakes I can resettle him and not miss out on the party. Also I can attend in my PJs. Genius idea Jess!

Throughout the event we’ve been able to find out about some of the great books Usborne have to offer. Jess has spent time carefully considering our individual baby and children’s interests before making her recommendations. I blogged earlier this week about how impressed I was by the That’s Not My… range byUsborne, so looking through their catalogue with Jess has given me chance to find some new titles to introduce to little Bear.

I can’t wait to get our new titles and continue to read with little Bear.

Soon you will be able to order Usborne books from Jess’ Nook by contacting her through her Facebook page.

This was such a great idea Jess – well done!

Mama Bear x

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