8 months and I can…

Wow! Where has the time gone?! Today little Bear turns 8 months old and what a month it has been in his development. Here are the top 10 things little Bear has done this month:

1. Moved up to Splashers at Puddleducks and has been mastering essential water safety skills in the pool and the bath at home – see Just keep swimming….

20170720_074252468_iOS2. At the start of the month little Bear would rake his toys towards him then grab when sitting, at the end of the month he would lunge from a sitting position to get them.

3. Started to commando belly shuffle.

4. Made his first BSL sign for milk, which was hen followed by his second sign for nappy, and had lots of fun playing with his first certificate.

5. Impressed his consultant with his sitting and grabbing skills.


6. Quickly mastered being able to turn the pages of his board books on his own. Little Bear still likes to chew his books too, but his new favourite books are That’s not my hedgehog and That’s not my dinosaur – read more about this That’s not my….

7. Went to the zoo with his friends.

8. Started to lunge forward and pull himself up to stand.

9. 20170722_110858831_ios.jpgHe has continued to enjoy eating solids including cod, salmon, lamb and chicken. Also, he’s started to do more baby-led weaning feeding preferring watermelon over pesky, slippery mango slices.

10. Painted his first masterpiece with his feet – see Introducing Bear to painting.


Mama Bear x

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