Our 5 baby getaway essentials

Well we're back at my parents lovely holiday home in Nefyn and we've been very fortunate that they have kitted out an entire room for little Bear – he is one very lucky little boy to have a little nursery here as well as at home and all we need is a few home comforts for him to help him settle in with each visit.

So here are our five essential items for each visit:

1. Carrier

I could not be without my carriers, I've had three since little Bear was born. At first we had a Hana sling which was great when little Bear was smaller but as soon as he started to become more mobile we needed something more secure.

For Christmas my parents got us the Mountain Buggy Juno, a fantastic carrier especially for long walks as it offers lots of support and can be worn in four different ways, but I have struggled with securing it at the back due to my petite arms. This meant I had to find something easier to wear and having heard rave reviews about the connecta we bought a gorgeous spaceship one second hand through a Facebook market. It was in perfect condition and, whilst not much cheaper than a brand new one, we didn't have to wait for a few weeks for one to arrive.

But why has it been an essential? For one thing have you ever tried to push/pull a pram/pushchair/buggy along a beach?! Putting little Bear in a carrier instead means that we don't have to worry about that aggravation and when we pitch up it is so easy to quickly fold away and store in our day bags. Not only that it great for the beach but also for country walks in Snowdonia too where the terrain can sometimes be a bit difficult to navigate.

2. Night time teddies

Since little Bear's four month sleep regression, we've worked really hard to get him to settle in his cot, especially after he wakes in the night. We followed the Cheshire Baby Whisperer's Multisensory approach to sleep and when little Bear settles to sleep he loves to snuggle up with his two teddies but he also finds the white noise from Ewan the Dream Sheep comforting and loves to stare at the hypnotic red light from Luna the Lamb. These have become essential items in our bedtime routine and to help little Bear settle into a new environment we felt it was important that he had a few comforts from home to help him – these are those key comforts.

3. Milton sterilising wipes

These have become a bit of an on-the-go essential since little Bear started his weaning journey. While at home we just use the sterilising spray (it smells amazing by the way) but when we're out and about I always keep a packet in the change bag to wipe down the high chairs before and after he has his lunch. Also space is at a premium at the holiday home so these wipes are ideal for quickly cleaning his high chair and toys.

4. Bright Starts car toy

For the first twelve weeks of his life little Bear absolutely hated getting into his car seat. Where other babies would sleep in the car, little Bear would cry and scream for most of the journey only falling asleep when we would be five minutes away from home – in a word it was a nightmare. I tried everything from singing to him to timing our journeyed around his naps, nothing worked. I stared to think perhaps he was bored, so looked to get a toy for him that would be used just in the car so it would not lose its novelty value and this Bright Starts Take Along Toy Bar for car was a lifesaver. Little Bear loves playing with it and instead of a crying baby in the back I had a calm happy one who would play with this toy and then settle off to sleep making it an essential for all journeys.

5. Chicco booster chair

We felt it was important that when we started to wean little Bear he ate at the dinner table with us as far as possible. Therefore we opted not to go for a traditional high chair at home and we bought the Graco Swivel chair. Not only did this booster chair allow for little Bear to join us at the dinner table, it was a real space saver too. For our holiday home we got this Chicco booster chair, which easily collapses into a compact bundle that we can take out with us. It's is brilliant as at home or out and about we have a chair that means that little Bear is able to sit with us at the dinner table.

So there you have it, our five baby getaway essentials.

What are yours?

Mama Bear x

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