The Importance of Mummy Friends

Over the course of my life I’ve formed many friendships, some of which have stood the test of time and others which have, for one reason or another, fallen to the way side. I was once told by a neighbour that you can count the number of true friends you have on one hand, and whilst that may very well be true (and I can certainly fill one hand with my ‘true’ friends) I don’t think it is quite that black and white. Friends come in all shapes an sizes: old, new, acquaintances, coworkers, school, university, neighbours.

Then 8 months ago a new brand of friends entered my life:  the Mummy friend. Whilst these friends have only been a part of my life for a short while, they have become such a special part of my life.

The Mummy friend is a special brand of friend. They understand exactly what you are going through, you can talk to them in a way you can’t talk to anyone else. For me they have been a lifeline through the late nights, early mornings and through the night feeds. It doesn’t matter what you say or do they have your back, don’t judge and always listen.

In the early days, I was the only one in my NCT group who had a baby as little Bear arrived 5+2 weeks early, but despite this the soon-to-be Mummies rallied around and were there for me and their friendship meant the world to me – despite the fact that I had only known them for a couple of weeks. They are a special brand of friend indeed. Since then the friendships we have formed have become some of the strongest I’ve known – I’d like to think that we keep each other sane. I certainly know that I would have lost my mind long ago if it wasn’t for them.

Next month three mummies return to work and I fear that we’ll start to see less of each other, but what I do know is that we’ll always be there for each other with a non-judgmental ear.

Ladies I thank you for every memory we have made, and cannot wait to make more memories with you in the weeks, months and years to come.

Mama Bear x


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