A letter to Little Bear at 9 months old

Dear Little Bear,

img_9263What a month it has been! We have been able to spend so much time with Papa Bear as he has been off on his school summer holidays and you have absolutely loved having him around. Watching you bond has been such a special experience, I know that you are going to hate it when he has to go back in September, but we will soldier on and have lots of fun times together to distract you until he returns home at 4pm (hopefully) – I for one am looking forward to going to Messy Play!

We have spent lots of time away from home at your grandparents holiday home in North Wales where you have loved playing with Tomy’s Stack ‘n’ Play Lighthouse. It has become one of your favourite toys this month; your face lights up and you laugh in the cutest way when the little lighthouse keeper tomy-stack-n-play-lighthouse-85749-0-1424920002000is placed on the top and the song starts to play. Towards the end of our time away you figured out how the song plays and attempted at times to place the figure on the top, but mostly you really enjoyed knocking down the stacking tower or pretending to sip out of one of the cups. Whilst we were in North Wales you dipped your little toes in the sea for the very first time. The first time you really enjoyed it, but the second time you were more hesitant and lifted your feet up each time img_9108we tried to get you to put your feet in the water. We spent time on a gorgeous beach (Whistling Sands) one day and for the first time you felt the sand between your small fingers and I was genuinely amazed that you did not try to eat it considering you like to put EVERYTHING in your mouth. You thought the sand was pretty amazing and smiled each time you felt it in your hands. When we were at the beach, your Grandpa cheekily gave you your first chip which you loved and before anyone could take it from you you had sucked out all of the potato and looked longingly for another one – you weren’t that lucky I’m afraid.

Thinking about weaning, you have started to eat a lot more finger foods and love the sensations of food between your fingers. You like playing with it, mushing it and then smearing it over your face. We’ve moved to three solid meals a day and snacks, although you did go through a phase of not liking textured puree foods which made me worry, but when we started to give you more homemade finger food you started to eat more and get the hang quickly of being able to feed yourself. My Chunky Chicken and Spinach Sausage Patties have become one of your favourite savoury eats, but like your Mama you have a sweet tooth and have devoured my Banana and Raspberry Muffins.

img_9202You have made some big leaps in your development. Over the last couple of months you started to pull yourself up your cot, but this last month saw you master this and you are also pulling yourself up on anything you can get your hands on! At times you have taken a few side steps and it looks like you may start cruising before you can crawl. You have been struggling though and your frustration is clear as you have been whinging a lot lately as you want to be able to move but your little body just hasn’t quite mastered the skills it needs for you to become more mobile. You’ve found some inventive ways to get around and you are beginning to show signs that soon you may crawl, but for now bumshuffles and standing and falling down into a new space and then getting up again are your ways of getting from a to b. In the last few days you have also figured out how to go from your tummy to a sitting position which is fantastic considering how much you detest tummy time – still – but this has meant that when I have tried to help you learn to crawl you have chosen to move to sitting instead. One thing is for certain, you have a very determined character and your beautiful personality is shining through. I am sorry though that I too have struggled when dealing with your frustrations, we’ve hit the 9th month of your life and also my 9th month of broken sleep and there have been times when I have found it hard to be my cheery self, but having Papa Bear around has really helped us both.

Little Bear you are so special and I love watching how you are changing every day.

Trying to take a photo of you with you milestone card proved tricky too as you are so intrigued by everything.

I love you to the moon and back.

Mama Bear x


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