We’ve got teeth!


After what seems like an eternity of teething Little Bear has finally cut his first tooth and second tooth at the same time (the third also looks like it is about to cut through imminently).


Following stories from friends about struggling to clean their little ones toothy pegs, I must admit I was worrying last night that we would have a similar challenge during Little Bear’s bedtime routine; however, things went really well and I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that for the last four months (since we started weaning) he has been using a Brush Baby gum brush. At first he had a bit of trouble working out which end was meant to go in his mouth, but it didn’t take long until his internal sat nav figured it out!

When we first started using the Applemint toothpaste he disliked the taste, but using it every now and then meant that last night Little Bear did not protest when it came to using it to clean his new teeth, this time with the little soft brush instead of the gum brush. We often brush our teeth/gums together singing silly songs as we do so. This morning he even went to grab it from me to try and clean them himself – it is just a shame there isn’t a mouth guard for the toothbrush as then I would feel much better about him trying to clean his own teethimg_0558¬†then and not gag on the brush.

We are still using the gum brush as well as he seems to love chewing on it – it definitely keeps him entertained long enough in the morning for me to be able to put my make up on.

I would really recommend these brushes, we got ours on sale in Mothercare, they have really helped us to transition to teeth cleaning without any protests making for a happy Mama and Little Bear.

Mama Bear x

Note: This is not a promotional blog post, Brush Baby have not asked me to write this but I just wanted to share this with others to help you out when your little ones cut their teeth – or begin to teethe really.

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