Little Bear’s letter to Mama Bear at almost 10 months old

Hi Mama Bear!

I’ve been keeping you on your toes this month. I mean, you did say you wanted to get fit and lose a bit more weight before going back to work and, while I know you bought yourself an exercise bike, I figured I’d help things along. Never mind the fact that you’re absolutely knackered at the end of the day and have only used said exercise bike five times since you bought it – yeah sorry about that: not!

Mama Bear crawling is just amazing! It has opened up a whole new world to me. You never told me about all the new toys I would be able to play with when I was crawling, otherwise I may have started sooner. I mean I didn’t know we had wires like those at Ruby’s Fund at home – although they don’t light up, why is that?! And those white square things on the wall are so bumpy and the round knob at the side is interesting too I really like trying to turn it – but why do you keep pulling me away and saying hot to me? It’s not even on yet! I’ve also figured out that I could try and enter In The Night Garden, if I get close enough to the TV – I’m sure Iggle Piggle would like another friend to play with. I’m getting pretty quick too – one minute you think I’m there and then … zoom … I’m off to find something new to explore like the floor lamp on the other side of the room or Papa Bear’s ukulele which looks pretty fun to play with. I just don’t get why you feel the need to chase me – I know what I’m doing.

Cruising is kind of awesome as well! I know I was doing this before the crawling thing but I think it has definitely helped me with my speed. I’m getting really confident too – I know you think it’s borderline cocky and true I’ve fallen over a fair few times but you keep saying it’s how we learn by making mistakes right? I just have one question? Where have all the pretty things gone in the family area in the kitchen? They seem to have been replaced by the same old plastic toys I get all the time – I want to play with the new pretty things I can reach instead.

I’ve got to say Mama Bear, nappy changes and getting dressed has become more stressful for me. I just don’t understand why you need to dress me at all really when I just want to be free and play with my toys. I can’t believe I didn’t listen to Christmas Baby when she said that rolling around was lots of fun – she was so right and doing it during change time is the best so please just let me have my fun and I’ll try to promise not to pee all over the floor.

Now let’s talk about night time. I just miss you so much at the moment that I need to get up a lot at night for no other reason than I want a cuddle. Granted I have also had a cold which I thought you might like too by the way (you keep saying I should share things with my friends) and my teeth have finally come through, but if you thought I was starting to settle with my one get up a night then you are just a fool!! And getting Papa Bear to help… haha … I’ll just stay up for an hour at 3am and stand up and/or crawl around in my cot until you both give in and you come and give me my favourite Mummy milk: then, and only then, will I fall asleep.

Well it’s been fun – I know I’ve been whingy at times but I think when you consider the cold and the teeth emerging, I can be forgiven really.

Lots of cuddles and snotty, sloppy kisses,

Little Bear x

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