The Human Hanky

The Human Hanky



It started with sniffle
And was followed by a sneeze,
Then suddenly a tickle
Has your throat under siege.

You cough and splutter
While your little nose runs wild;
Your little voice becomes a mutter
As I try everything to help you child.

Vapours, steam, tissues galore –
But my sleeve becomes your hanky.
Calpol, plug ins, to help the snotty snore
I hate that this cold makes you so cranky.

You detest having your nose wiped,
So you protest and you sigh
But I refuse to see a nose with snotty stripes
It’s a battle of wills where we tie and cry.

You find your own tissue
Guess what? – It’s me!
I am transformed out of the blue
As arm becomes your hanky.

So that is it now,
This is what I shall be
Your poorly so I don’t mind anyhow,
As I become your human hanky.

H. Williams


This poem was inspired by our recent family photo shoot where little Bear decided that the should part of my sleeve would make a wonderful handkerchief each time his nose got a little runny.

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