A Letter to Little Bear at 10 months old

Dear Little Bear,

This week you hit double digits! You are 10 months old and boy you have come along so much in the last 31 days.

img_9821Last month you were pulling yourself up on anything and everything and starting to show signs of crawling and cruising, and then a week into being 9 months old you were off! Since that first nervous crawl, which often ended up with you face planting the floor, you have certainly been keeping us on our toes scurrying here there and everywhere. I’m sorry that sometimes we have to pick you up or  set you on a detour, but playing with radiators, wires, doors, radios, TVs, speakers, and drawers is really quite dangerous sweetheart. I also know that Papa Bear’s ukulele which looks pretty fun to play with but, trust me, if you were to break one of the strings you would not be a happy Bear at all.

You have really taken to feeding yourself more finger food, to the point where you are now starting to refuse to be spoon-fed at times. Waffles at breakfast have become a particular favourite and my Oaty Banana Loaf has gone down very well (good job I cooked enough to store in the freezer for you).

Together we have suffered and survived our first cold of the season. While you are still suffering with a snotty/ runny nose and regularly used me as a Human Hanky you are much better now. The after effects though have not be so great as once again you have hit a sleep regression getting up 4-6 times in the night. It’s been exhausting and nothing quite prepares you for this, but we are riding it out. After your cold I thought the continued wakings could be because you have been experiencing some separation anxiety, however it turns out that one of the reasons is because… We’ve got teeth! you have cut your first THREE teeth all in go. You certainly don’t do things the easy way little Bear. These mean toothy pegs have made you pretty upset and who can really blame you? Ulcers are bad enough, so I can only imagine the pain you must be feeling, but we are getting by with Calpol, Dentinox and our favourite Brush Baby teether, toothbrush and Applemint toothpaste.

Last month you started cruising every now and then when we were at our holiday home, now though you have really mastered cruising along furniture and you have even figured out how to use your two walkers. You have been very pleased with yourself when doing this, although you need to remember that our floor in the kitchen is very hard so just be careful in there please.

In the car we have started to play a new game – call and response. It is a really great way for me to know whether you are awake or not. When I go ‘aaaa’ you often repeat it, but I know that I can always get a response from you when I blow a raspberry as doing this is one of your all time favourite things to do. Your baby talk is really developing too, you are so close to saying ‘mama’ and whenever you hold the ‘B’ shape for your shape sorter you like to say ‘buhbuhbuh’. You are such a chatter box these days – I can’t wait until you are really talking and I can find out exactly what you are thinking and feeling.

Finally, this weekend you had two further firsts: you figured out how to climb the stairs making it from the bottom to the top (with us following behind you), and you have started to give us your toys when we ask for them by saying ‘ta’ and holding out our hand – soppy as it sounds it brought a tear to my eye when you did this with Grandpa.

It is crazy how much you have developed and grown over the last month. I love you so much and the cuddles we have during our quiet 30 minutes every morning watching In The Night Garden…

10 months

I love you to the moon and back,

Mama Bear x

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