Midnight woes

The pain is real- that can see –

Those little pegs fight to be free.

Your gums are hard and just so sore

A mouth turned red and feeling raw.

I wish there was more I could do to help

As all through the night you inconsolably yelp.

You refuse to nurse your pain away

But those little peggies are here to stay.

Slowly they cut and push their way through

It’s making your life difficult that much is true.

If I could take your pain I would

Swap places in an instant I wish I could.

Seeing you in such pain is so distressing

Yet still those peggies through your gums keep pressing.

H. Williams

Written and published following a traumatic hour with little Bear who is really struggling with his teeth at the moment. He’s gone off his food and has reduced his milk feeds too. Last night he refused to latch and also refused a bottle which is not like him in the night. He would not stop crying and sounded as if he was in so much pain – it broke my heart.

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