Our last month

October was a bitter sweet month for me as it was the last month I spent on maternity leave with Little Bear. It has also been a very tricky month full of troubles and toils for us all as Little Bear picked up his first sickness bug and spread it through the family. Nothing quite prepares you for the first D&V bug with your little one, suddenly we realised that, as good as we have been with keeping on top of keeping things clean and washed, you can never really do enough to stop the spread of some bugs. Detol and Milton wipes have certainly become our best friends, and one thing I realised (when trying to keep on top of a mountain of washing) was that our combi washer-dryer just wasn’t cutting it anymore. The desire to get a tumble dryer suddenly turned into a NEED.

Once we were all sickness free though Little Bear and I spent lot of time together doing some of our favourite things with some of our favourite people, hence why I’ve been a little quiet lately. We’ve been visiting Chester Zoo, where we saw the two baby rhinos for the first time – it was also the first time I’ve taken Little Bear to the zoo and he hasn’t fallen asleep. Becoming members was one of the best things we did while I was on maternity leave as being able to visit the zoo midweek during term time was lovely – it felt as though we had the zoo to ourselves.

As of 20th October I became a working Mama Bear and Little Bear has also started nursery, I have been so impressed by how well he has settled in. I was so worried about how he would nap at nursery as, while he is good at napping in the morning, his afternoon naps always need to take place when we go out for a drive somewhere or in the pram – not ideal but he just can’t make it from 12 or 1 until bedtime. He has made some wonderful creations and in the first few days he has continued to really develop into such a sociable character.

Usually I would have posted an update about how Little Bear is getting on at 11 months, and I still will do but it will be a little bit delayed as I am currently planning Little Bear and Papa Bear’s joint 1st and 30th birthday!!

Mama Bear x

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