Mama Bear’s Recipes

I absolutely love cooking, especially for other people. At the start of little Bear’s weaning journey I cooked a lot of vegetable or fruit purees for him, and overtime I started to mix up different vegetables to introduce him to different flavours and textures. Now that he is a little older and further down the weaning road we’ve become more adventurous in his culinary offerings. On these pages you will find a collection of my personal recipes that I have created during our weaning adventures.

You can see images of our creations on Instagram @mamaandlittlebear . I also welcome any feedback you may have about any of my recipes on these pages and would love to see your creations too on Instagram – just tag us @mamaandlittlebear or use the hashtag #mamabearsrecipes


Mama Bear x

Early Weaning Recipes

Finger Foods and Baby-led Weaning Recipes

Early Weaning Recipes

Once you’ve moved on from simple vegetable and fruit tastes you’re little ones will be ready for bigger flavours. Here are some of my recipes, suitable from 7 months, which combine a variety of tasty veggies and textures. Scrummy mashed root veggies

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