Introducing Little Bear to Painting

I’ve been dying to introduce little Bear to messy play since he started being able to sit but, being prem baby, I always worry about whether he is ready for things – also the whole everything in the mouth situation is a constant concern at the moment. This weekend though I took the plunge, after all sunny afternoons are great times to be out in the garden and so we introduced our little Bear to painting for the first time.

Hobbycraft do some wonderful finger paints which were only £8 for 10 different coloured paints. So using our soft play mats, some sellotape, A3 paper, cling film and our new paints we got to work. I chose the colours green, yellow and orange as little Bear always seems to go for these colours when playing with the balls in his ball pit! Using the cling film to cover the splodges of paint on the paper, we then set about using his little his feet on the cling film to create his first masterpiece.

It was a hit!

No sooner had his feet touched the cling filmed paper canvas, he started bouncing and giggling with sheer delight. It was such a great moment to share together. He just loved the feeling of the paint. I now can’t wait until he is a little older and we’ll be able to do the same without cling film.

Mama Bear x